Know Thy Enemy

Knowing your enemy in any situation in life is important, but it’s especially important when you’re risking your money inside a casino or nhl betting. Whether it’s a brick and mortar establishment or an online casino such as Unibet, you need to know what you’re up against if you want to make informed choice and win some money.

In this article we’ll outline some of the most common casino games and the house edge you’ll be exposed to when you play them. For those unsure what “house edge” means, it’s simply the advantage a casino has in each game. In order for a casino to make money it has to have the upper hand otherwise the players would take all their money. However, depending on which game you play, the advantage of the casino can be vastly different:

Game                                                                                    House Edge       

Baccarat                                                                               Banker  1.06%

Player   1.24%

Tie          14.36%

Blackjack                                                                             0.28%

Caribbean Stud Poker                                                    5.22%

Casino War                                                                         Go to war on ties             2.88%

Surrender on ties            3.70%

Bet on tie            18.65%

Craps                                                                                     Pass/Come         1.41%

Don’t pass/don’t come 1.36%

Any craps            11.11%

Big 6, 8                  9.09%

Hard 4, 10            11.11%

Hard 6, 8              9.09%

Place 6, 8             1.52%

Place 5, 9             4.00%

Place 4, 10           6.67%

Place (to lose) 4, 10        3.03%

Proposition 2, 12              13.89%

Proposition 3, 11              11.11%

Proposition 7     16.67%

Keno                                                                                     25%-29%

Let it Ride                                                                           3.51%

Pai Gow                                                                               1.50%

Pai Gow Poker                                                                  1.46%

Roulette                                                                              Single Zero         2.70%

Double Zero       5.26%

Sic-Bo                                                                                   2.78%-33.33%

Slot Machines                                                                   2%-15%

Video Poker       Jacks or Better (Full Pay)              0.46%


Upon analysis of this able it’s clear to see that Video Poker is one of the most profitable casino games you can play. Because the house edge is only around 0.46% you will win a much greater percentage of the time than you would if you’re were indulging in a game of Caribbean Stud.

Utilising the information presented in this article should give you a better chance of winning money in a casino. Indeed, turning a profit is all about the decisions and one of the most important you can make is which game you’re going to play. For this reason you should take some time to analyse the odds, weigh up the amount of hands you can play per hour and how much of your bankroll you need to invest to see a healthy return.